Winston-Salem LGBTQ Family Law Attorneys

We have proudly served the needs of the LGBTQ community for the entire history of our firm. 

We understand the challenges faced by same-sex couples and other non-heteronormative families. We are equipped with the knowledge required to serve the needs of the LGBTQ community and can assist you in meeting the legal needs of your family.  

We provide a welcoming environment to all clients.   While North Carolina became one of several states that recognized same-sex marriage prior to the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision in 2015, our work with LGBTQ clients has a much longer history.  Even though the marriage battle appears to be over, special issues of pre-existing domestic partnerships or civil unions are still being unraveled.  Additionally, legal recognition and the benefits of marriage do not eliminate the problems that the ending of a relationship bring, particularly the unraveling of joint parental and financial responsibilities.  Let us help you through that process.

In addition, marriage provides a couple with rights to inheritance, insurance coverage and other legal benefits including social security and military benefits.  Even with these rights now recognized, it is recommended that you and your spouse establish an estate plan consisting of wills, powers of attorney, and health care directives to ensure that your wishes are properly carried out.

Other common issues that we are available to assist the LGBTQ community with include: 

  • Domestic Partnership Agreements 
  • Child Custody and Child Support determinations
  • Divorce, including separation agreements, property division, and spousal support
  • Name changes for adults and minor children
  • Adoptions 
  • Durable Powers of Attorney including health care powers of attorney 
  • Living Wills and Health Care Directives 
  • Stepparent Adoptions or Second Parent Adoptions 
  • Modifications to birth certificates 

We are sensitive to the unique issues the LGBTQ community faces and can help ensure that your rights are protected.  By understanding the evolving laws we can ensure that the necessary documents are created to clearly state your intentions and minimize problems in the future.  

At Stroud & Panetti, P.C., we have over 30 years of experience in representing and protecting our clients’ interests in the Winston-Salem area.  Serving the LGBTQ community’s legal needs has always been part of that practice and always will. If you have any issues that you need assistance with, an experienced attorney can assist you in addressing your concerns and creating unique solutions.  Call us today for a consultation at 336-724-2600.