Winston-Salem Child Custody & Visitation Lawyers

Disputes over child custody and visitation rights can arise during or after a relationship ends. Whether you need assistance with establishing child custody or with requesting a modification or enforcement of an existing custody order, we can help you. Life changes can and do impact the raising of children. We assist our clients in resolving new issues such as relocation to a new area or beginning life with a new partner. As a parent, you want to guide your child’s growth and development, and we are here to help you achieve that goal.

Each child custody case is unique, and we focus on finding the solution that is in everyone’s best interests while giving priority to the needs of your child. We have represented parents in traditional and non-traditional families and will protect the rights of our clients in all stages of child custody or visitation disputes. We help you understand the difference between physical versus legal custody, and between sole, shared, or joint custody. We guide you while you are exercising custody and visitation schedules and making arrangements that are in the best interests of your minor children while protecting your rights as a parent. We craft agreements that consider all the needs of your children, from any special medical concerns to educational or religious matters.

Stroud & Panetti, P.C.’s family attorneys are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and rights and have been supporting the Winston-Salem area for over twenty-five years. We listen carefully to the specific details of your case, provide options and implement solutions. We will explain the best case and worst case scenarios, so that you can make the right decision for you and your children. Should you be in need of a family law attorney, please call us to schedule a consultation.