Winston-Salem Divorce Property Settlement Lawyers

Stroud & Panetti, P.C.’s attorneys are experienced and well-versed in divorce and family law. We understand that each divorce is unique, and we offer legal solutions that will best protect you. The process of identifying and valuing tangible and intangible property can be confusing, so we work closely with you to explain the property distribution process, so you will understand your rights. In a divorce, many people believe that equitable division of marital property means everything is equally split. That is not always the case. Regardless of what each spouse believes they deserve, the division of marital property is made according to what is equitable, not what is equal.

North Carolina has defined procedures relating to the division of the marital assets. Property division in a divorce involves accurately identifying and valuing all property from the date of marriage to separation. Usually, assets acquired during the marriage are considered marital property and are subject to the equitable distribution by the court, but there are exceptions. Our knowledgeable family law attorneys understand how the courts distribute marital property and will protect your right to a reasonable marital property distribution.

The marital assets and debts in a divorce are part of the marital distribution process and as unique as each marriage. Our experienced attorneys know how tangible property (like homes, cars, investment accounts, and vacation properties) are divided. Dividing your marital property also includes your marital debt. We work closely with you to assure that your marital settlement agreement outlines and includes the marital debt, from outstanding credit card balances and unpaid medical bills to co-signed loans and other obligations. We will help you understand the process of the division of marital property, protect your interests and if necessary, litigate with your former spouse, so you receive the appropriate distribution from the marital estate.

Stroud & Panetti, P.C.’s attorneys are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and rights and have been helping the Winston-Salem community for over twenty-five years. We are experienced and accomplished family law attorneys who provide efficient and effective legal representation to our clients. We will explain the best and worst case scenarios so that you can make the best decision available to you. Should you be in need of a family law attorney, please call us to schedule a consultation.