Winston-Salem Child Support Lawyers

For a parent, concerns about child support can result in uncertainty, stress, and anxiety. We understand the importance of proper child care and the desire of all parties to pay their fair share. Our knowledgeable family law attorneys represent clients in all types of child support matters and understand that each child support case has a unique set of circumstances. We listen to our clients’ concerns and provide options to resolve their child support issues. Whether you need assistance with the initial stages of seeking or paying support or need to enforce or modify an existing order, we can help you.

North Carolina has child support guidelines which provide a formula for determining the basic child support obligations for parents whose joint incomes are under $300,000.00. For families with higher incomes, a process is used to determine what the needs and lifestyles of the children require each parent to provide in support. There are many variables to be considered in the calculation of child support. Some factors are time spent with parents, costs of health insurance, work–related child care expenses, the parent’s obligations to support other children, and any extraordinary expenses based on a your child’s unique needs. Our attorneys are well versed in the law and will carefully review any proposed child support orders to make sure you have an appropriate child support order.

Stroud & Panetti, P.C. is dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and rights. We are experienced and accomplished family law attorneys who have provided efficient and effective legal representation in the Winston-Salem area for over twenty-five years. We will listen carefully to the specific details of your case, provide options, and implement solutions. We will explain the best and worst case scenarios so that you can make the right decision. Should you be in need of a family law attorney, please call us to schedule a consultation.