If you are considering adoption, there are many options available including the following: 

Adoptions of Children by Third Parties

Children whose biological parents choose adoption by other families can elect adoption by individuals of their choice or through use of an adoption agency.  Even if the parties are in agreement about the adoption, the adoption must be approved by the Court after a home study has been performed. There are agencies that assist in adoptions.  These agencies are either private or public, and not-for-profit or for profit. The children are relinquished to an agency’s care directly by parents, voluntarily or involuntarily. The local department of social services also has programs that offer placement of children which can result in adoption.  Adoptions where children’s parents do not consent to the adoption require termination of the parents’ rights and require a separate court action from the action for adoption.

Adoptions of Children by a Stepparent

Stepparent adoptions create a legal parent-child relationship to a child of a person to whom the adopting parent is married.  While adopting a stepchild is not as complex as adopting an unrelated child, there is still a court process involved. This type of adoption requires either the consent of the other biological parent or the termination of the other biological parent’s rights by a court in addition to the consent of the adopting parent’s spouse.    Home studies can be avoided if the step-parent and biological parent have been married for more than two years.

Adoptions of Adults 

Adult adoptions occur when a person who has already attained the age of 18 is adopted by another adult.  These adoptions create a legal parent-child relationship to secure future rights and privileges of both parties, including inheritance rights, access for medical issues, and insurance beneficiary designation.  Even though the adoption is of an adult, a legal process is required, and notice must be given to people for whom the adoption would change legal relationships, such as spouses of the person adopting another adult or the adult adoptee’s spouse.    

We have equipped ourselves with knowledge and experience to advise you about the options available for adoption and help you navigate all the legal requirements for an adoption. Regardless of what type of adoption that you are interested in, we can represent you through the entire process. 

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